About Valiants

Valiants brand

Valiant is everyone who feels the need to overtake his own limits.

Our brand is named Valiants in honor to the philosophy and lifestyle of the ones who feel brave enough to live their life on the edge of their personal improvement.

Being Valiant is a personal state mind and millions of people have the right to feel this way. 

That's why we address mostly the normal people along with the pro riders.

We believe that there are so many Valiants like you out there and that you all need an online reference point where to gather, find quality information, buy products and share contents and emotions.

Valiants is a brand which every action sports lover shall feel part of. No matter what sports you practice, you are one of us: you are Valiant

At Valiants we constantly put our passion and our will to solve the daily needs of action sports practitioners. 


Being Valiant is about running 1 kilometer around the block as well as dropping a nine metres road gap with your bike: the shivers you feel when you get through your quest for the limit are the same from everyone.


Every bit of work at Valiants is targeted to help you creating, collecting, sharing and enhancing your the emotions that give you shivers.

An ambitious project about actions sports

At Valiants we love action sports and we strive to enhance the growth of the whole community of action sports enthusiasts.

We do it through:

  • providing high quality and usable information for free  (Valiants Tribe);

  • selling online high-end niche products usually difficult to find (Valiants Shop);

  • converting the feedbacks of the community into real products (Valiants Prod).


Wow, this seems too much? It is. And that is why we failed our previous venture. We are now re-starting up lean ​and fast, relying on the tons of errors and experience we have done in the past. Trust us: it has been painful, but real passion and dreams are impossible to tame.

Mission & Vision

The vision which inspires Valiants is the realization of a worldwide community where active people can find high quality information, products and services, as well as a daily inspiration to get into action.

Our mission is to build a user friendly and solid websites network and to get millions of sport lovers around the world share and interact creating a source and an access point where to find the worldwide best information, products and services about sports.

How are we doing it?

To achieve these objectives we are starting from little niches of action sports: niches are the ideal ground for building little but highly interactive communities and they offer the opportunity to sell products online without being getting into the competion of the mass distribution markets.

Even if we are starting little, growing fast is extremely important for Valiants, and that is why we ask everyone who reads these words to spread the word and to speak with family and friends about the Valiants project. What we need most is leads, in other words, people who subscribes to our newsletter and is interested to receive news about how the project is evolving. 

Start giving your contribution and subscribe to our newsletter NOW! Thank you.

Another great way you can choose to sustain us is to donate. Every amount from 1$ to 100,000$ is welcome and will be used to develop more features usefull for user like you! 

The Founder

Valiants is owned and bootstrapped at 100% by  Jacopo Vigna.

Jacopo is a Mechanical Engineer and worked in the motorsport segment (WSBK - Ducati Sterilgarda with Max Biaggi 2008, WMX1 Aprilia Racing 2009) before to found his first Company in 2011.

He raised 1.3M€ in funding by 3 Venture Capitals and 7 private investors.

And run the Company for 7 years gaining lots of experience.

WIth Valiants Jacopo is starting a new Venture bringing on the best of his knowledge about dos and don'ts from the past and aiming to positively influence the way action and lifestyle sports are spreading and growing worldwide.