We love action sports, just like YOU.

Our passion is to live and enjoy Nature through sports. Compete against ourselves to challenge and overtake our limits. 

Riding, driving, flying, jumping, diving, ... no matter what kind of action you do love. 

At Valiants you will find something worth a click.

An e-commerce where you can find a selection of high end sporting goods, at this stage mostly for bicycles. We are starting from bicycles and bike's accessory retail because we do this business since 2011. We want to solve this problem: if it is difficult to find, just ask Valiants.

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The Tribe is an ambitious project: an ultimate source for Action Sports links and information. Now in beta version, it will geolocate people, events, shops and many other useful information about 300+ Action Sports worldwide! Exciting uh? If so, you can donate now to speed up the process.

Valiants Tribe

We love riding and we have a 20+ years experience in riding bicycles. We believe that life's too short to ride bad bikes, and that's why we created the Valiants' Missyle. A super hot and performing kids bike meant to be as cool as the daddy's one.

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Valiants is a brand-new company and our aim is to have an impact on how Action Sports will grow and spread worldwide in the next future.

Your contribution may seem little to you, but millions of little contributions will help this project on its way to success. And remember: if you are Valiant, this project is YOUR project.

The success of our venture also depends on you!

We are starting up and we need your support.

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Here is how you can help the Valiants project to grow faster.


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Our shop allows our business to be sustainable from the very beginning. We come from a similar business experience in the field and we have been selling bicycles online since 2011. Have a look at our online shop NOW.

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